Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Photo Logistics

I've been planning a bit of a photo getaway, just me, a couple of cameras and a bunch of top locations. Trouble is, where to stay? What I want from my accommodation on these personal trips is comfortable convenience. Although a hotel might seem to offer the most in the way of convenience, I don't want to be tied down to particular meal times.

Most hotels here in the UK seem to offer breakfast between 7 and 9am. Well, this time of year I probably want to be out by 7 or thereabouts, and I am unlikely to be back by 9. And, I don't want the distraction of having to be back for breakfast by a particular time, I want to concentrate on photography, not bacon and eggs!

Self-catering solves this problem, but I don't want to spend too much time preparing food (except after dark in the evening). For this reason, whilst remote locations appeal, finding somewhere with a pub, restaurant or cafe nearby is not a bad idea.

Camping is great, as suggested here, but to be honest camping in prolonged winter weather can often descend into a drudge of what the British Army calls 'admin', i.e. the need to keep things dry, to keep warm, to keep yourself and equipment clean, etc. These are all distractions that I just don't need, and can easily sap your morale and make it difficult to motivate yourself for photography.

I'm keeping an eye on the weather, and likely will book self-catering at a few days notice. Load up the car with groceries (no point in spending too much time in the supermarket whilst on location) and off I'll go.

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