Friday, December 31, 2010

Still On The Hunt For Lightweight Camera

Following my (reluctant) decision to cancel my D7000 order, I'm wondering whether Samsung's NX10/11 mirror-less body with a Novoflex/Nikon F adapter would make a good 'mountain' camera.

Using my existing Nikon lenses would entail using stop-down metering and manual focus, not a problem for me or the photography I would use this camera for. On the upside, the body/adapter combo weighs in at a good 0.3 kilo less than a D7000 and comes in at half the price...0.3 kilo being another drink or meal that can be carried for the same pack weight ;-)

And, due to that the small size body and the increased clearance as a side effect of the adapter, you might even squeeze on a PC-E lens (however crazy that might look!) and get a good range of tilt/shift movements. Interesting!

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