Monday, March 03, 2014

The Photography Show 2014

Great day at The Photography Show 2014, mainly due to two great talks from Steve McCurry and Joe McNally (for more details see my cross-post here). I think the show's organisers are to be congratulated for offering speakers of this standard and for allowing pre-booking rather than first-come-first-served.

Overall the show seemed slightly smaller but no less busy than it was in it's former incarnation as Focus On Imaging. I also got the feeling that there were fewer deals to be had. Although, to be fair, the day for deals is usually the last one as no one wants to re-pack stock at the end of a long hard show.

That said, I did pick up some software (more of what and why shortly) at about a third off, although online retailers are also offering this pricing.

Camera Bargain of the Year!

With the launch of the Fujifilm X-E2, new X-E1 bodies can now be picked up for £400, almost half it's original cost. and about £25 more than a mint secondhand example from a dealer.

This is a bargain in my opinion, as in many ways this is a better camera than the X-Pro 1. Buy it with the 18-55mm zoom or take advantage of Fujifilm UK's cashback offer until the end of March on the lens of your choice.

The X-E1 shares it's sensor with the X-Pro 1, which the below was taken with:

Fujifil X-Pro 1, 35mm lens