Monday, October 18, 2010

Been Busy ;-)

No update for quite a while, as I've been extremely busy. The main thing that's been occupying my time has been putting together a new system for stitching panorama's, which is something I really want to do more of. It's a great way to create very high resolution images in a distinctive and rewarding format, but it is not without it's challenges.

When I say 'system', it's really my personal methodology for visualising the results and then creating the individual images that make up the final image. Most of the gear I'm using is fairly standard, but there is one bit which I'm using which I've developed myself. I've not read or heard of anything similar elsewhere and so I'm keen to keep this to myself for now. Until that is, we've at least proved it out and clarified what is sensible to do in terms of protecting our intellectual property.

What I will do over the coming weeks is share some of the results, so look for some upcoming posts with example panoramas!

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