Monday, July 19, 2010

Mountain-top photography (part 2 of 5 - camping gear)

My camping gear for mountain-top photography started out as:

Berghaus 90+10 litre Bioflex rucksack

Very comfortable, very big! The Bioflex system means that the thick padded hip belt articulates separately from the shoulder straps. This makes for a very natural gait even when fully loaded.

Stay or Go? Stays!

Thermarest Ridgerest foam sleep mat

Very light, easy to pack-up, nothing to go wrong.

Stay or Go? Stays!

NATO Goretex bivvy bag

Robust, spacious but getting on for a kilo in weight.

Stay or Go? Goes!

Mountain Equipment Mithril III sleeping bag

Very warm, but around 1.5 kilo. A down bag would probably save a lot of weight.

Stay or Go? Goes!

Go Systems Trail Stove

Incredibly light, compact and great value. Mine has Piezo ignition which is convenient, but I always take matches and lighter, just in case! Comes in a plastic storage box which doubles as a cup/mug.

Stay or Go? Stays!

Not really a kettle at all, more miniature saucepan and lid. Perfect for one, and the Go Systems stove in it's plastic box fits right inside!

Stay or Go? Stays!

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